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Elderly Oak Survivor

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Greatest Survivor
Oak, White
Adjacent to Shore Road at the end of the north wing of McCormick Home
2022 Kains Road, London ON N6K 0A8
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When the WCA purchased land at the intersection of Oxford Street and Kains Road in west London for the site of the new McCormick Home, it faced a challenge in the form of an oak tree that was well over 50 years old. The simple solution would have been to cut it down so that the grading of the site and the subsequent construction of the Home could proceed more easily. Some suggested that the tree would not survive the disruption caused by the construction. Others suggested that the installation of sidewalks along Shore Road would cut so severely into the roots of the tree that it would ultimately die.

The WCA worked with its architect, Cornerstone Architecture, to modify the grading of the site and situate the building to minimize the disruption to the tree. Ron Koudys, Landscape Architect, created a plan and worked alongside D. Grant & Sons during the construction period to ensure everything was done to protect the tree and give it its best chance at survival. Today, five years following the completion of construction, this majestic oak continues to thrive.

In spite of all the disruption caused by the construction of the Home and the installation of sidewalks along Shore Road, this tree has survived. The WCS is proud of its investment in preserving this beautiful tree and acknowledges, with thanks, the support of all those that worked to create this wonderful story of survival.

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