The Grand Old Lady of Colborne Street

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front lawn
950 Colborne Street

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This hackberry has a large , welcoming presence from it's position on Colborne Street North - it's huge trunk rises from a gentle slope to it's enormous canopy high above the neighbouring houses. At it's base it is over 22 feet in circumference with sturdy arms reaching many metres toward the sky.
In every season it is noteworthy , from it's first pale , lacey leaves in spring to it's full , leafy umbrella of shade in summer when a coon family takes up residence. It produces a huge crop of black berries on which robins feast in late autumn and in winter , it's strong skeleton is visible swaying in the fiercest winds.
It is estimated that it was a seedling in the mid-1800's when First Nations People called this area home. It continued to flourish during colonial days as troops practiced their drills on this wide street when this was a garrison town . It was carefully preserved and respected when this house was built in 1939 , and to this day , it's branches offer beauty and healthy air to the neighbourhood.
She is proudly one of the great ladies of Old North London and my very favourite tree !

What people are saying about this tree

Great photo ! Wonderful tree !

Thank you ! Come and sit under it sometime - even with all the construction on Colborne Stret , it maintains it's presence !

I love the incredible scale of this tree. I really stands out on the street, and deserves to!

Thank you ! It is an honour to live so close to it and witness it in all seasons !

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