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The Hugging Tree

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For Kids: Show and Tell Tree
Eastern Cottonwood
On the bank of the Thames River in Cavendish Park
110 forward ave
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Why do you believe this tree should be selected as the winner in this category?

I like this tree because it is gigantic! It is the biggest tree I have seen in all my life.My very kind neighbour Garnett showed it to me when I moved to my house.We call it the hugging tree because it is very wide and every time I walk by it I always try to put my arms around it, although its impossible.I think it should win for biggest tree because I have never seen anything like it. Hopefully it wins! If everybody loved trees like I love this one, the world would be a better place.

What people are saying about this tree

I would love to see this tree, it looks amazing.

Ollie, you are such a loving guy, and for you to love a tree this much just exemplifies your wonderful & unique personality! I love you

I love this tree too! Thanks for picking it. How perfect.

Good Luck Ollie!!!!!!! From your friend in Sudbury (Baby Lake) :)

i love to listen to the wind blowing through the leaves of this tree. many times i have taken a fallen branch home and hung it outside my bedroom window. it is very soothing. this tree gets lots of hugs.

It's fun to hug trees!

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