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The Peace Tree

Maya's Tree.JPG
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For Kids: Favourite Schoolyard Tree
Maple, Silver
Behind School
711 Waterloo St.

Why do you believe this tree should be selected as the winner in this category?

My favourite tree is right behind my school. It is my favourite tree because everyday when I come to school I always get to see it and it makes me happy. Also, the tree never looks the same in any of the seasons and it is always beautiful colours. We have formed a peace garden around this tree and we can go out to the garden and reflect when we want to. I think that this tree should be selected because a lot of the kids in my grade and in my school feel connected to this tree. We spend a lot of time around this tree and whenever we go ouside it gives us shade. Also, there is a table by the window and if you sit at that seat you have a great view of the tree and it makes you feel happy and connected to nature. In the fall when you come to school, you're surrounded by all of its beautiful coloured leaves. Even in the winter the tree is still beautiful without its leaves because the tree itself is an amazing living tree. So that is why this tree is my favourite in the school and why I think it should be selected.

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