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Simcoe Holiday Monday , and Thames - Talbot Connection, Ontario Eastern White Pine, Our Signature.

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Best Company Tree
Pine, White
East of the Termination Point of the Talbot Road at the Thames River
Springbank Park near Storybook Gardens within the train tracks.
City of London and The County of Middlesex
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In 1792 -1793 Sir John Graves Simcoe travelled through the river system fielding reconnaissance to determine the location of a possible in land capital for the Grand Trunk Peninsula.
Colonel Talbot argued with Simcoe to what is now the the Wellington Street corridor from the Lake Erie Settlement and Port Sterling now Port Stanley.
The Lake (Erie) Lake Head Highway terminating at Springbank Park's middle entrance is a Significant Point, "The main Corner of South Western Ontario". From the beginning
I am so glad that Simcoe won that alignment argument.
Today as time closes I thought this Holiday weekend is a good day to explain the importance of good planning and Simcoe himself.
Once again,

Milyn Hall

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Added Note:

This Ontario White Pine sits in position on public parkland like a signature to the
" familiar tree lined slope, of the Springbank Hill" that has
remained uninterrupted to this day, because it is planned and preserved parkland!

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