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Tree of Possibility

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Best Story
Maple, Norway
On the south side of King Edward Ave by the street between 252 and 254 King Edward Ave
252 King Edward Ave
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This maple tree was badly damaged in a storm; branches hung precariously from the centre and the bark was cracked and peeling from the trunk. With a call to the city, someone came to prune off the branches but gave little hope that the tree would survive. Occasionally it was watered when rain was scarce.

Six years later, this majestic maple is not only surviving but thriving! With a little bit of TLC, the tree grew and prospered, providing shade and shelter from the sun on our street.

In many ways this ordinary tree is symbolic of the people we meet each day; those who need a helping hand, a kind word, or just a smile. We don't know their stories and sometimes we make assumptions based on what we see. We can't predict their future but we can make a difference in the moment that we share and most of all, we can believe in them. By taking the time to provide the support that they need, we make a difference, just like the city worker and the people in the neighbourhood did for this tree.

This ordinary tree has a story that isn't evident when you drive by: its presence is an extraordinary symbol of survival, support, hope, and the incredible power of possibilities. There is "exceptional" in every "ordinary" that we see!

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