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Choosing the Right Species for London

You want to plant a tree or shrub, but which one? We've developed several resouces to help you decide.

A good place to begin are the tree and shrub brochures listed below which are a homeowner guide to choosing tree and shrub species that are suitable for London as well as species that should be planted with caution or avoided all together. Both brochures are available as colour brochures. For copies, contact us.

Here are some resouces to guide your choices:

  1. Trees that are suitable for the London area
  2. Shrubs that are suitable for the London area
  3. Meadows
  4. Butterfly Habitats
    1. Sorted by butterfly
    2. Sorted by plant

To view your street trees online, check out the City of London Tree Inventory. Thinking about planting a tree in your front yard? Check the City of London Tree Planting Guidelines first.

For an excellent searchable database of plants, visit Evergreen's website and Native Plant database.