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Speak for the Trees

The City of London has led efforts to protect, plant, and enhance our Urban Forest.

  • In 2009, a UFORE study helped us better understand the health and make-up of London's urban forest.
  • In 2011, the City became a Founding Partner in London's Million Tree Challenge.
  • In 2014, the City passed first ever Urban Forest Strategy with the goal of protecting  and planting more trees. 
  • Just this year, the City has established a community funding program called TreeMe, and established a Tree Bank to help fund more planting in the City.

City planting programs have continued to expand. ReForest London applauds all these efforts to keep the Forest in the Forest City.

Urban Forest Strategy Needs Funding

The 2015 budget has no funding earmarked for the City's new Urban Forest Strategy. Sadly, this important 20 year plan is sitting on the shelf with no money in this year’s City Budget to even start some of the small steps forward.  With no money in the budget, no progress is made.

We need to at least get started doing the plan. We need to do it now.

5 Reasons Why the 2015 Budget needs to include the Urban Forest Strategy

  • Every year we don't act means more trees are lost and fewer are planted.
  • Big trees take a long time to grow so we can't keep delaying.
  • Green healthy cities attract business and improve our quality of life.
  • We are the Forest City. We need to act like it.
  • Important first steps would only cost $2.48 per household.

How You Can Help:

As a supporter of trees in our city, we are asking you to do at least one of the following. (Of course if you do all four that would be marvelous!)

1. Tweet about supporting trees: Public input is being gathered through Twitter. Show the City of London and your community that you support trees in this budget.

2. Fill out the Strategic Plan Survey: The City is asking for feedback on their Strategic Plan, fill out your top 5 priorities for each area. (Strengthening our Community, Building a Sustainable City, Growing our Economy, Leading in Public Service)

    • Don't forget to check off Implementing the Urban Forest Strategy under the "Building a Sustainable City" are

3. Email your Councillor and Mayor: The Councillors and Mayor need to know that the public supports and values trees. 

    • Let them know you value trees and that they should support the Urban Forest  Strategy this budget cycle. No more waiting.
    • Find your Councillor's and Mayor's email here

4. Attend the Public Participation MeetingThese meetings are for the public to speak to all of council at City Hall. You can pre-register to speak or you can speak at the end of the Scheduled Speakers. Call 519-661-2500 x4599 to sign up to speak at the February 19th session. Or you can simply show up and support! If you've never been to one, check out and explanation of the process here

  • Thursday February 19th 2015 (Meeting #2)      
    • Starts at 4:00pm and goes until the end of scheduled speakers, and then non-scheduled speakers are given the opportunity to speak. 5 minutes per speaker. We encourage you to come with some prepared words (even a sentence or two!)

City Hall, 300 Dufferin Ave. London Ontario


Media Coverage

London Free Press  "Six big ideas, one future on the line" by Norman DeBono (January 16 2015)

AM980 "Community Groups Lobby City Councillors For 2015 Budget Funding" by Jess Brady (January 22nd 2015)

London Community News "Local groups looking to fit in London's budget process" by Sean Meyer (January 23 2015)

London Free Press  "London organizations make pleas to council for city cash" by Patrick Maloney (January 23rd 2015)



"During the summer of 2012 the City and its urban forestry consultant collated information from the public, other municipalities, groups and organizations to help develop a vision for the urban forest of the City of London. Some very good ideas were suggested, and some very strong opinions emerged. 

The information collected directly influenced the draft Urban Forest Strategy and helped to identify a number of things that need to be ‘put right’ to enable the City of London to achieve its goals for a viable, healthy urban forest that contributes to our health and well-being in the face of climate change, development, and other issues.  An initial summary of the project can be found here Background Public Summary." (City of London)

The Urban Forest Strategy was developed June 2014 with the mission statement of “Plant more, protect more, maintain better.” The Urban Forest Strategy was developed to provide “the vision and strategic direction for long-term education, planning, planting, protection and maintenance of trees, woodlands, green space and related resources in the City of London.” (Urban Forest Strategy 2014). The Urban Forest Strategy is a clear and directed strategy that ensures the forest stay in the Forest City. The strategy highlights many priorities, with a large amount falling into the “short-term” range (1-2 years). 

Find full Urban Forest Strategy here.



City of London 2015 Budget Resources

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