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Robinson Mitsubishi Supports MTC

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Million Tree Challenge

Robinson Mitsubishi staff

At first thought, you may not connect a car dealership with helping make London greener but in the case of Robinson Mitsubishi, there is a strong and growing connection due to their new plug in hybrid vehicle. A new MTC Partner in 2018, Robinson Mitsubishi quickly got to work promoting a greener community through many different supportive initiatives.

When asked about their participation in London’s Million Tree Challenge and the excellent fit for cross-promotion of trees and PHEVs, Lon Eeley, Managing Partner at Robinson Mitsubishi said, “The future is green! Both efforts are working to clean up our city and reduce our carbon footprint. People are beginning to understand and want to be a part of the environmental movement. The PHEV can eliminate all carbon emissions and trees eat everyone else’s’ carbon for breakfast!”

ReForest London staff
Community is important to Robinson Mitsubishi and becoming a Partner in London’s Million Tree Challenge was an obvious link. “We love being a part of a team, said Lon Eeley. “We see our community and London (and its surrounding areas) as our teammates. If you are able to help those around you and take care of the people that matter you will be resilient. We not only want to succeed as a dealership, but also contribute to making London a great place to live, beyond just our customer base.”

Robinson Mitsubishi has been incredibly supportive of the Million Tree Challenge through a variety of ways. Perhaps one of the most fun ways was the fact that they lent ReForest London staff a PHEV to take to events this past fall and it had the popular “I dig trees” lettered across it. Perhaps you've seen it on London city streets? “Customers ask about our wrapped PHEV and this provides us an opportunity to share with them information about the Million Tree Challenge and how we are both working to make London greener," said Eeley.

The environmental benefits realized driving a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV include the fact that while in EV mode, this vehicle will produce 0 gas emissions - this means that someone who lives within 20 kms of their workplace would be able to commute to work without ever using gas. It is also good to note that the average full charge, on a home outlet, costs the customer approximately $0.50 to $0.70 per charge. Not only does this vehicle help to keep our air clean, it also saves you a lot of money.

Cheque presentation Robinson Mitsubishi have supported the MTC through a variety of ways including fundraising, hosting a tree depot, direct mail promotion, radio and print advertising and a seedling giveaway.

When asked about their participation, Eely noted, “With the Grand Opening of our dealership in July, we managed to raise over $1500 for the Million Tree Challenge. I’m scared of the water, but took the dunk-tank plunge for our community. We care about the environment here at Robinson Mitsubishi and truly believe that the Million Tree Challenge has started something great.” 


Hosting a Tree Depot this fall was another great Tree Depot at Robinson Mitsubishiway to help promote the MTC and get trees planted on private property. “Our staff were excited to be a part of our tree depot,” said Eeley, ”One of our employees ran outside right away to pick out a few trees for her backyard. She even posed to take a photo with her new trees. A lot of our customers were interested to learn about the Million Tree Challenge, as they had never heard of it before.”

For the Plant and Win contest, through their partnership with M&T Printing, they provided a donation of the $1,500 prize money in order to encourage those in London to do their part in taking care of the environment. “We know that not everyone sees the world through an environmental lens,” said Eeley, “but by assisting the Million Tree Challenge in this contest, we believe that some more Londoners’ eyes were opened to the big difference that they can make with a small gesture.”

Something exciting that Robinson Mitsubishi is doing to support the Million Tree Challenge is the 'Environmental Corner' at the new Bostwick Community Centre. “We want to take people, especially kids who visit, on a journey through the history of our environment; while at the same time, encouraging them to become conscious about their own carbon footprint," said Lon Eeley. “As an interactive experience, the 'Environmental Corner' will bring the viewer - young and old - to realize that we all need to be greener.”
Detail of Environmental Corner at Bostwick Community CentreThank you to Robinson Mitsubishi and Lon Eeley for your amazing support of London’s Million Tree Challenge, your MTC Silver Sponsorship, and for helping to build a greener city for all!