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Tree Depots - October 27 and October 28th: West London Alliance Church & End of Season

Project type: 
Neighbourhood Re-Leaf


On Saturday October 27th, we loaded up our trailer and headed over to the West London Alliance Church. Even though there was wind, rain, and the cold, many people showed up and waited patiently in line for their chance to get trees for their homes. We brought over 100 trees with us and we managed to find them all loving homes! Thank you to those individuals who came out despite the weather - we, and the trees appreciate it so much! 

As the final depot of the season neared, we at ReForest London were anticipating it to be a great one! And our anticipation paid off. Well before the start time of 2:00 pm, we had a long line up of people craning their necks to get a look at what the last trees of the season would be. We were so happy to have provided 137 trees with new homes. 

Thank you to everyone who came out this season to pick up trees for their homes. We've given out thousands of trees over the course of the year; so we'd like to give a special thank you to YOU, for coming out to our depots, taking trees and planting them. Without you, there wouldn't be a Neighbourhood Re-Leaf program and we're so thankful that we have such a high demand and a strong passion for it. 

We'd also like to thank all our volunteers who supplied us with their knowledge of trees and helped us giveaway trees, and deliver trees this year - without your hardwork and dedication we couldn't have done it without you! 

Finally, we would like to thank the City of London for funding this program.