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Tree Depots - Robinson Mitsubishi Depot & Emancipation Day Depot - September 22, September 23

Project type: 
Neighbourhood Re-Leaf

It was a tree-ly amazing weekend for tree depots with ReForest London!

On Saturday September 22, ReForest London had a great time holding a depot at Robinson Mitsubishi! With over a hundred trees, we happily gave them away to eager Londoners! We wood like to give a special thank you to Robinson Mitsubishi for hosting us.

The next day, on September 23rd, ReForest London took in a gorgeous September Sunday as we set up a Tree Depot at the Emancipation Day Celebration at Westminster Ponds with a wonderful turnout. Many happy Londoners took home trees after hiking to the culturally significant 'Meeting Tree'; a majestic White Oak.
Thank you to Justine Turner and other organizers for hosting us and organizing the celebration!

We would like to thank the City of London for funding this program, and thank you to our dedicated volunteers who helped us over the course of the weekend!