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Tree Gift Vouchers

Tree Gift Vouchers

ReForest London's Tree Gift Vouchers offer business professionals, corporations, and individuals an easy way to give a tree as a gift. Give your customers, clients, and friends a voucher for $50 or $100, redeemable for a tree at a number of tree nurseries and garden centres in and around London.

Learn more below or ORDER NOW with the Tree Gift Vouchers Order Form. Complete this PDF form, print and fax or send by postal mail to receive your vouchers. (You can also order by phone or in person at our office.)

Why Give a Tree Gift Voucher?

Trees make great gifts for anyone!

  • Businesses, individuals, REALTORS®, and home builders can give a meaningful, environmentally responsible gift that benefits the entire community.
  • Trees are an especially relevant gift for homeowners.
  • Participating businesses, REALTORS®, and home builders are recognized as partners in the Million Tree Challenge and are associated with supporting a healthy community.
  • Learn why the London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® is supporting this program with this short video.

How does the Tree Gift Voucher program work?

ReForest London has made it easy to give trees as gifts:

  1. Order tree voucher(s) from ReForest London by email, phone, or in person. Trees vouchers  can be purchased as $50 or $100 values. You give payment information in the form of a credit card or cheque. Your card is not charged (or your cheque is not cashed) until the voucher is used. A $5 processing fee is added to each voucher, in order to make this program self-sustaining for ReForest London, a non-profit organization.
  2. ReForest London mails the vouchers to you. They are numbered and assigned uniquely to you.
  3. You give the voucher as a gift to your delighted customer/friend, along with information about the benefits of planting a tree in your yard.
  4. The gift recipient can use the voucher to buy a tree at any of the participating nurseries listed on the voucher. If the recipient does not want to use the voucher to plant a tree on their own property, they can also use it to purchase a tree in honour of a special event or person, or in memory of a loved one. These trees are planted ReForest London's Celebration Forest located behind Parkwood Hospital, and honourees' names are posted on a sign at the entrance to the woodland.
  5. The nursery sends the redeemed vouchers to ReForest London. ReForest London then applies your payment information to the vouchers that were used and notifies you by email of the voucher number and amount of payment applied.  If the voucher is not redeemed, there will be no cost to you, making Tree Vouchers a risk-free gift!

How much does $50 or $100 buy?

At most nurseries, a $50 tree is approximately 4-6 feet tall, sold in a 5-gallon plastic container. The trunk is approximately 1-2cm thick. The height and stem diameter vary by species. A $100 tree is approximately 5-8 feet tall with a 2-4cm trunk diameter. The tree may be in a plastic container or in a wire basket to hold the roots together, covered in burlap (known as balled and burlapped).

Prices and tree sizes vary by species and nursery. Both sizes of trees can be planted by an average person in their yard, but most nurseries also offer planting services at additional cost. Both sizes are a good size for transplant because the roots are not as big and the tree will suffer less transplant shock.

Which nurseries are participating?

ReForest London is proud to partner with the following local nurseries to offer this program:

A & M Garden Centre
4171 Colonel Talbot Road, London
Baseline Nurseries and Garden Centre
9084 Elviage Road, London  
Heirloom Greens & Gardens
1579 Fanshawe Park Road East, London
Heritage Country Gardens
6867 Wellington Road S, London
Van Den Nest Nurseries
9594 Somers Road, Eden
Van Luyk Greenhouses
1728 Gore Road, London

Why does London need more trees?

London's current tree cover falls below standards necessary for a healthy community and a robust infrastructure. The Forest City needs at least one million more trees to optimize London's environmental and human health. The Million Tree Challenge is our legacy to future generations.

According to the City of London’s UFORE report, approximately 40% of the “plantable” space in London is located on residential property. By promoting tree planting in your customers’ yards, you are playing an important part in the success of the Million Tree Challenge.

How do I order?

Online -- Order  online by using a this simple PDF order form. Send this form to ReForest London by email, fax, or postal mail.
Phone -- Phone us at 519-936-9548 x221 to place your order.
Office -- Stop by our office during regular business hours and pick up the vouchers. Our office is located at 944 Western Counties Road, behind Parkwood Hospital. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. It is best to call ahead as we are a small staff.

For More Information

Tree Gift Programs Coordinator, ReForest London
519-936-9548 x221