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The Oak tree at Windermere Manor

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Best Company Tree
Golden Oak
South side of the hotel
200 Collip Circle
The Windermere Manor Hotel

Why do you believe this tree should be selected as the winner in this category?

One look out the south side of the hotel, and you instantly view this beauty standing proud and tall. The Windermere Manor boasts the Grand-Daddy of them all. This 85 year old majestic giant can be viewed by our guests staying at our unique hotel in a ravine facing suite. Come and experience a night to remember and be greeted by our golden treasure!

What people are saying about this tree


My favourite thing about the Windermere Oak tree is that it has welcomed so many visitors to the Forest City over the years. As travelers wake up in the hotel their spectacular view of the forest outside their window is dominated by the many branches of this huge Oak. I believe it is a White or Bur Oak and probably over 100 years old (at least 85 as it appears in early pictures of the historic Manor home built in 1925).

Tall and Stately

provides a magestic view!

Come and check out this beauty!

This tree is the winner! Please come and check it out!

This tree is Amazing its such a huge tree its mother of all the trees around it.

I've seen this tree when I've stayed at the Windermere Manor. It is especially nice, in the Fall!!

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