Tom Cull

Tom Cull was born and raised in Huron County, Ontario in Treaty 29 territory and now resides in London. He works at the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, teaches creative writing at Western University, and was the Poet Laureate for the City of London from 2016-2018. Cull is the author of two poetry collections: Bad Animals, (Insomnia Press, 2018) and Kill Your Starlings (Gaspereau Press, 2023); his work has also appeared in literary journals, magazines, chapbooks and anthologies.

Cull is the director of Antler River Rally (ARR), a grass roots environmental group he co-founded in 2012 with his partner Miriam Love. ARR holds monthly cleanups of Deshkan Ziibi (Antler/Thames River) and works to protect and restore waterways, wetlands, and other ESAs in the Antler/Thames River watershed.