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Canada Life planting - September 21, 2019

Project type: 
Corporate Sponsored Projects

On Saturday September 21, we partnered with our primary sponsor of ten years, Canada Life, to brave the heat and plant along the edge of their property where it borders the Veterans’ Memorial Parkway. A group of 80 volunteers withstood temperatures over 35 degrees to add over 350 trees to the buffer they’ve created over the course of 7 years, which separates the property from the highway so thoroughly that it can be hard to tell there’s a highway nearby at all. We’ve seen an amazing transformation at this site over time, which started as a strip of empty lawn except for the odd pine tree here and there, and now is full to bursting with thriving trees and shrubs. We hope to see such success mirrored across the Forest City.

A huge thank you Canada Life for all the ways they’ve found to get involved, from sponsoring ReForest London to showing up on sweltering hot days and personally planting hundreds of trees themselves. We appreciate all you’ve done, and look forward to working with you for a long time to come, accomplishing more amazing things like the transformation of the highway border. We are so excited and grateful to work on such wonderful projects with such enthusiastic volunteers, and to see them become so successful.

Volunteers with shovels and buckets of mulch prepare to plant trees Volunteers pose triumphantly after finishing the project
A family holds a young tree ready to be planted A volunteer holds her tree by the hole where it is about to be planted