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Convertus Builds Community

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge


Convertus Tree Depot

In the past three years, 600 trees have found new homes in the yards of Londoners, thanks to the generous community support of Convertus. That’s a lot of trees and a big commitment to making the Forest City greener.

“It was especially important for us this year with the coronavirus affecting so many, to uphold our purpose in caring for the environment by investing in sustainable initiatives,” said Michael Leopold, CEO at Convertus. “ReForest London’s Neighbourhood Tree Depots have become one of my favorite events. They hold numerous benefits to the community including building unity, cleaning the air and water, providing wildlife habitat and fighting climate change.”

Happy tree recipient! Father & son picking up trees

Sponsoring a Tree Depot is a direct way of getting new trees planted in London, all contributing to the Million Tree Challenge and a healthier, more resilient city. The Convertus Tree Depot took place on Sunday, Oct 4 and this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, people ordered their trees online and arrange a time to pick them up that day.

It was a rainy day and seasonably cooler but that didn’t stop people from happily getting their new trees and staff and volunteers from Convertus and ReForest London were kept busy with a constant stream of tree pickups at Convertus’ new office on Commissioners Road West.

Another happy tree recipient Picking up some beautiful maples

Ryan Lauzon, Director of Business Development at Convertus, who brought his children to help with event said, “It’s important for me to teach my kids early on to give back, especially when it comes to initiatives that focus on bettering the environment and the local community. Working this tree depot taught them about protecting the environment, being kind to one another and having fun in the process – they had a blast!” 

Convertus was created in 2019 by the merger of Renewi Canada and Waste Treatment Technologies North America. They are a full-service provider for the treatment and recycling of organic waste. They empower communities to divert organic waste from the landfill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve finite natural resources. Using advanced technology and engineering they convert organic waste into new resources.

Thank you, Convertus for being a London business that really cares and does something for your community!