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Old Oak Loves Oaks and lots of other trees too!

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

 Old Oak at Southcrest Ravine

Old Oak Properties has a long history with trees. "At Old Oak, we have a strong connection to trees. Going back over sixty years right here in London, we've always held a high regard for the natural world around us," said Robert Bierbaum, Old Oak Experience Coordinator. 

"The founder of Old Oak, Ewald Bierbaum, was known for his love of nature, be it plants, trees, flowers, or anything that could grow from the ground. This respect and admiration for nature was just as prevalent in his professional life, and has grown with each generation of Old Oak, now celebrating their third generation as a family run business," noted Bierbaum.

Old Oak walks the walk and has been a Silver Million Tree Challenge Sponsor for the past two years! "We understand that increased human population results in changes to the environment around us. That is why this sponsorship opportunity means so much to us. It allows us to maintain a commitment to our community that for every new resident who moves into one of our buildings, a tree will be planted in their honour."

Thank you Old Oak Properties for your continued support of planting more trees in the Forest City - it does make a big difference!