Andrew Cohoon Gallego

Andrew Cohoon Gallego

[email protected]

As a Planting Programs Assistant, Andrew will support our park naturalization projects across London by helping to facilitate our Spring 2022 planting and tree giveaway programs, and by supporting volunteers at these events.

Andrew is working towards his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Environmental Studies at Western University. Through his studies, he has gained an appreciation for the importance of environmentalism in urban design.

Andrew joined the ReForest London team because, as someone who grew up in London, he wanted to see and contribute towards a positive change in his community. Andrew has a passion for conservation efforts and looks forward to the opportunity to make a tangible and long-term impact on the environment.

Andrew believes that environmental issues in London can be addressed through community outreach and support, because it is through a collective effort that meaningful change can happen. Issues such as sustainable urban development, water and waste resource management, and invasive species can be addressed by supporting local efforts and working collaboratively on sustainable solutions. Andrew is excited to work with community members across London to get folks involved in tree planting events and foster a community of care.

Over the next 50 years, Andrew sees London being a steward for sustainability, becoming a role model for other cities to follow. As London continues to grow, advocating for sustainable urban development, environmental education initiatives, and community outreach will become increasingly important, and through that, London will live up to its nickname: the Forest City.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys hiking, canoeing, and cycling. His love for nature has earned him a self-proclaimed green thumb, as he enjoys taking care of his ever-growing plant collection.

Andrew’s favourite tree is paper birch.