Brianne Curry

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Brianne works to provide leadership of ReForest London’s tree-planting programs. Her work also includes coordination of the new Westminster Ponds Centre for Environment & Sustainability. She is excited about developing partnerships and programs for the WPC and creating a truly unique and vibrant community space that drives sustainability in London. Brianne previously spent 5+ years managing ReForest London’s school programs and working with multiple partners on a large research study that explored tree growing programs in the region.

Brianne holds both a Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in Geography with specialization in human geography, health geography, and environment & health from Western University. Originally from Nova Scotia, Brianne is now a proud Londoner of 20+ years. She is involved in community work that is focused on equity, urban agriculture and community development, and she is the current President of Autism Ontario London Chapter.

Brianne joined ReForest London’s team because of its community-focused, grassroots approach. RFL is powered by amazing volunteers, sponsors, partners and stakeholders, and working for ReForest London means working at the intersection of all these incredible groups. The organization’s strong focus on education also inspires her, and she is proud to have worked with thousands of teachers and students through her years at RFL on tree planting projects.

Brianne sees environmental education and broad community engagement as the most important aspects of tackling environmental issues in London. Building a base of knowledge and a collective identity centred around protecting and enhancing our local environment is, in her eyes, the single most important thing that can be done. Through educational opportunities and ways that the community can become more involved, everyone can begin to change broader behaviours to ultimately improve the local environment. The more that the local community becomes engaged within the environmental movement, the more likely that citizens and politicians will push for action.

When she’s not working, you’ll find her happily at home with family & friends, sharing good food and spending time in her garden. 

Her favourite tree is the Trembling Aspen