Brooke Wheatley

[email protected]

As Crew Lead – Environmental Programs, Brooke collaborates closely with our Park Naturalizations Manager and Community Projects Manager to facilitate our spring and summer programs and events focused on Park Naturalizations, Aftercare, and Neighbourhood ReLeaf.

Brooke is currently pursuing an advanced diploma in Conservation Biology from Fleming College, demonstrating her dedication to expanding her expertise and passion for forest ecosystems. Joining the ReForest London team presents an exciting opportunity for her to connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to positive change in her community.

Driven by her commitment to creating a healthier and greener community, Brooke firmly believes that addressing environmental issues in London requires collective effort and knowledge sharing. She views education as a crucial factor in restoring biodiversity and establishing thriving forest ecosystems that endure for years to come.

During her leisure time, Brooke enjoys engaging in horseback riding, thrift shopping, hiking, and embarking on camping trips accompanied by her cat Munchkin.

Brooke’s favourite trees are the Ginko and the Eastern flowering dogwood