Dalia Assi

Dalia Assi

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As a Planting Programs Assistant, Dalia (she/her) assists with the planning and delivery of tree plantings, park naturalizations, and neighbourhood tree giveaways. 

Dalia holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Western University, and she joined ReForest London to learn about how she can bridge the gap between environmental theory and hands-on practice. What excites her most about working with the environmental movement is the opportunity to connect with and learn from people from all walks of life. She is passionate about making environmental education more accessible to the community and challenging socioeconomic barriers hindering the implementation of sustainable development across London. 

Dalia believes that an important environmental issue in our city is the impact of recreational use on sensitive habitats. With rapid urbanization and a growing population, forest coverage in London has drastically decreased over the past few decades, and it is important for us to find a balance between enjoying nature recreationally and protecting it from further damage. Protecting our forests can be as easy as picking up litter along a trail or cleaning your hiking shoes to prevent the spread of non-native species. She believes that collectively, all of our small efforts can go a long way. 

In her free time, Dalia enjoys hiking, shooting film, and attempting to identify every plant she sees.

Her favourite trees are White oak and American beech.