Erica Rzepecki

[email protected]

As the Stewardship and Digital Engagement Coordinator, Erica (she/her) stewards and engages with our fantastic volunteers, donors, sponsors, and other supporters. She also assists with grant writing, and with creating social media and other digital content for ReForest London.

Erica has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Culture, and Technology from the University of Toronto, a certificate in Digital Communications from Sheridan College, and a Master’s degree in Communication and New Media from McMaster University. Erica is thrilled to be a part of the ReForest London team because caring for the environment has always been central to who she is. She is excited to apply her communication skills to such an important cause.

Erica would like to be a part of a more sustainable London where every member of the Forest City works – within their capacity – to better nurture London’s environmental health! Whether that is taking small, everyday actions like reusing items before buying new, or advocating for larger, structural changes like new policies and by-laws that support the environment, Erica believes that every action matters.

In her free time, Erica enjoys doing yoga, cooking, playing soccer, and walking in nature.

Erica’s favourite trees are weeping willows.