Erik Vasseur

[email protected]

As Aftercare Coordinator, Erik looks at areas previously planted by ReForest London and sees to their wellbeing, mostly through coordinating volunteer events. He is excited to learn more about trees and naturalized areas not only because they are integral to the world but also because they are just a joy to be around.

Erik started volunteering with ReForest London in the summer of 2020, planting and caring for trees. Since then he’s started a diploma at Yukon University in Northern Environmental and Conservation Science. He’s grateful for the opportunity to help make London a greener and healthier place with more beautiful parks available to the public. He’s looking forward to getting to know all the wonderful volunteers that give their time to support ReForest London and its initiatives.

Erik believes that environmental health is best addressed in conjunction with human health. This includes greening areas of the city that are the least green and creating food forests. Erik is encouraged to see a movement in London pushing for more local food systems.

In his free time, Erik enjoys bicycling, camping and playing music.

His favourite tree is White Oak