Luisa Alvarez

[email protected]

Luisa is the Digital Advancement Coordinator at ReForest London, where she plays a vital role in providing administrative support for the organization’s Communications, Stewardship & Development, and Engagement activities.

Luisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and French Studies from Western University. She is currently pursuing an advanced post-degree diploma in Nonprofit Management from the University of Western. Her decision to join ReForest London was driven by her desire to connect with her other passion: the forest.

Being part of ReForest London allows Luisa to actively engage with the needs of the community and contribute to the solutions. Her dynamic nature thrives on hands-on involvement in projects that benefit everyone around her. She finds the most excitement in helping create a future where the community cares deeply, ensuring a wonderful place for her children to grow and take pride in.

During her free time, Luisa enjoys tending to her garden, exploring new travel destinations, and cherishing moments with her children, Massimiliano and Victoria. She also has a penchant for attending theatre plays, appreciating music, and showcasing her exceptional cooking skills, as affirmed by her friends.

Luisa’s favourite tree is the Magnolia