Maddy Sansom

519-936-9548 Ext. 229
[email protected]

As Manager of Community Projects, Maddy oversees the Neighbourhood ReLeaf Program. Her responsibilities include planning and leading the events and behind-the-scenes work of data collection, tracking, and summarizing program successes and challenges with the ultimate goal of working with individual residents and other local organizations to increase the number of trees planted on non-municipal lands in London. 

Maddy holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from the University of Guelph, and a Master’s of Forest Conservation from the University of Toronto. She joined ReForest London because, as a newcomer to the area, she was looking for a way to get involved in the local environmental community. Joining ReForest London was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and to be involved in hands-on projects that have a tangible impact.

Maddy believes that London needs to address the rapid urbanization that is occurring in the area. With the lowest forest cover in the province, increasing tree cover is imperative to building communities that are resilient to climate change, and involvement from private citizens is necessary to maximize the impact. In the next 50 years, she sees London as being a leader in sustainable community development and paving the way for other, smaller cities in the area to become more sustainable. What excites her most about working with trees is their ability to connect people and communities through shared experiences and emotions.

In her free time, Maddy enjoys rock climbing, cycling, and canoe tripping. She is also a bit of a homebody and enjoys knitting, quilting, and cuddling with her cat and dogs.

Maddy’s favourite tree is the Shumard oak