Maia Somers

Maia Somers

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As the Environmental Programs Analyst, Maia (she/her) will analyze and evaluate projects under ReForest London’s Signal Boost Initiative, Neighborhood ReLeaf & Tree Planting Programs, as well as the Million Tree Challenge. Her work will contribute to improving the programs at ReForest London and the Westminster Ponds Centre for Environment and Sustainability (WPC). Maia is enthusiastic to work for ReForest London because she gets to combine her love for the outdoors while contributing to efforts to inspire environmental education, awareness, and connection in her community. 

Maia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography and Geology, and is currently a Master of Science Candidate investigating the effects of a warming climate on lakes in the Canadian High Arctic. Through her education, she developed a fascination for understanding how earth’s processes change with time. Alongside her passion for research, Maia developed an interest in community engagement and science communication through her experience working with other organizations in the nonprofit sector, and her work with the Ministry of Natural Resources. It is her continued passion for studying and protecting the environment that drives her interest in the WPC and Signal Boost Initiative. 

Maia’s connection with nature and passion for protecting the environment started at a young age, exploring the forest and playing along the many riverbanks of southern Ontario. She is immensely thankful for this experience and feels that this is where she first learned to respect and love nature. She also understands that these experiences are not available to everyone, especially in urban communities. This is why Maia hopes to participate in an environmental movement focused on creating space and opportunities that are equitable and accessible for everyone.

As a nature enthusiast at heart, Maia enjoys trail running, camping, hiking, and taking care of her plants in her free time. When she’s not outside, you can usually find her practicing yoga, painting, or curled up on her couch beside her puppy with a cup of tea and a book.

Maia’s favorite trees are the American Sycamore and Paper Birch.