Rachel Rensby

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Rachel (she/her) is the Neighbourhood Projects Manager at ReForest London, in charge of the Neighbourhood ReLeaf Program. The Neighbourhood ReLeaf program helps to get trees planted on private property across London through biannual Tree Depots. Tree Depots are events where free trees are given away to residents of London. She works with community organizations, funders, the city of London, and local businesses to purchase trees and to get them into the hands of Londoners. This program directly supports London’s Million Tree Challenge and is an integral part of getting trees planted in London, as more than 40% of land is private residential property.

Rachel wanted to be a part of the ReForest London team because of its direct environmental impacts. Not only does the team advocate for the environment and for environmental education, but it is also a place where Londoners from all walks of life can come get their hands dirty by doing real ground work. She loves working with a team that is equally as passionate about the environment and empowering the public as she is.

Rachel believes that infrastructure is one of the most important environmental issues in London. Due to how London was planned, it is spread out and continues to sprawl outward, which makes it a car-centred city. She would love to see more public transportation and commuter-friendly upgrades such as bike lines, increased bus options (ideally electric busses!) and even a light rail. She would also love to see more environmental projects in public spaces, such as food growth.

In Rachel’s free time she enjoys drawing, painting, pottery, hiking, cycling and rock climbing. She loves the outdoors and incorporates nature into her art. On the weekends that she is not giving away trees, you can find her either walking along a trail of one of London’s environmentally significant areas (ESAs) or biking on the Thames Valley Parkway (TVP).

Her favourite tree is White Pine