Rose Pfeifer

519-936-9548 Ext. 221
[email protected]

Rose is joining the team as ReForest London’s Volunteer and Tree Gift Coordinator. She holds a Bachelors of Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph with a focus on integrated environmental systems design. Through her work at the City of Guelph and Reimagine, Rose found a love of community engagement and volunteer management and is excited to pursue this passion with Reforest London.

Rose joined RFL wanting to make a hands-on difference towards bettering the environment in her community. She believes in the power of volunteers and thinks that ReForest London embodies the impact each person can have.

She believes that London needs to have a more integrated and holistic approach to environmental issues such as waste management, sustainable transportation and bio-diversity within the city. Through education and empowerment, she believes that each Londoner could have a huge impact on the environment — developing a culture where all Londoners care for each other and the environment through community events!

During her free time, Rose loves spending time hiking, swimming with her dog, and growing vegetables in her garden.

Her favourite tree is Hickory