Shannon Dobbs

[email protected]

Shannon is the Seed Collection Workshop Leader at ReForest London. She works with our amazing volunteers, gathering local seed and supporting Londoners as they enhance their connection to the species of our region.

Shannon joined the ReForest London team in 2021 with a passion for growing plants and trees from seed. She draws inspiration from the fact that tiny seeds hold the potential to become the forests of tomorrow. She is thrilled to be building our community’s diversity, strength, and resilience one seed at a time by working forward from ReForest London’s award-winning study of The Wellington County Green Legacy Programme.

Shannon hopes to be a part of a more sustainable London directly, by helping to generate seedlings for and with our community to help grow not just trees, but hope, optimism, and energy around the positive changes that she sees growing in our communities today.

During her free time, Shannon loves exploring fiber arts and enjoying time playing in the garden with her family. Her favourite quote is, “Great oaks from little acorns grow.”

Shannon’s favourite trees are willows because of their grace and resilience.