Shaunna-Rae Blakely

[email protected]

Shaunna-Rae is ReForest London’s Stewardship Specialist.

Shaunna-Rae has an honours bachelor’s degree in human ecology (family studies, community development, and women’s studies) from Brescia University College and is working towards completing her Diploma in Not-for-profit Management at Western University. 

Shaunna-Rae is excited to be part of the ReForest London team and to engage with the London community. She believes in ReForest London’s vision and has always loved the outdoors. She looks forward to combining her love of the environment with her education-based skills. Her favourite part of working at ReForest London is seeing the community come together to heal alongside nature and using time outdoors to connect. 

Shaunna-Rae believes that the key to a thriving community is a holistic approach — focusing on our environmental health is an investment for our collective future. She is passionate about education outreach and advocates for meeting people where they are now. She believes we can “do better if we know better.”

In her free time, you can find her hiking, reading, trying new local cuisines, and connecting with friends. 

Her favourite tree is a crabapple tree.