Sheila Creighton

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Sheila Creighton’s passion for nature has been with her since she was a child hiking and camping with her family and growing up ‘free range’ in the Medway Valley Heritage Forest. In her current role since 2012, Sheila has brought 20+ years’ of experience in marketing, communications and partnership development to ReForest London.

A graduate of Sheridan College’s Media Arts program, Sheila also studied Photography and New Media at Sheridan and is a lifelong learner. She’s worked promoting arts, heritage, tourism and healthcare through municipal government and non-profit organizations locally, regionally, and provincially. Her work includes Communications Director, The Ontario Historical Society; Sr. Corporate Communications, Town of Oakville; Project Manager, Halton Healthcare; and, Marketing Manager, Muskoka Tourism.

Sheila is a published author of books, articles and photographs, and a daily photoblog – – featuring trees and nature.

 There’s nothing more important than our environment and we’re at a crossroads for our planet. Everyone has a part to play and I will continue to work tirelessly to help make our city more leafy and sustainable by engaging Londoners and showing them their actions are required and they do make a difference!

Her favourite trees are White Oak and White Pine