Tom Tao

Tom Tao

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Tom is the Business Case Developer at ReForest London for the summer. He will be working to help further develop the seed nursery project that Reforest London took on in 2018, creating a business model and funding proposal based on the Wellington Green Legacy Programme.

Tom is working toward a dual degree: a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Social Science in Globalization. Through his studies and community involvement, he has developed a passion for non-profit management, especially in the area of urban agriculture and food sovereignty.

Tom is excited to join the ReForest London team for the summer to continue his non-profit work journey. He is looking forward to learning more about nature preservation through trees, and about the many other environmental organizations that ReForest London works with.

Tom recently discovered his passion for the environmental movement through his studies in globalization. Learning about the significant effects of environmental sustainability on local communities and on the global scale has made it feel important for him to contribute in his own ways. Tom finds that being able to see the effects of his work on the people around him is truly rewarding.

One of the most important environmental issues that Tom sees in London – and Ontario at large – is the issue of plastic waste. Coming from PEI, where they banned plastic bags a few years ago, Tom believes that plastic-free stores are more than feasible and should be implemented everywhere.

One major environmental initiative that Tom believes in is educational programs. He believes that what kids learn in school significantly shapes their beliefs and values for the future, so teaching them about environmental issues at a young age is key to raising a new generation that is more aware and proactive.

In his free time, Tom enjoys binging tv shows, playing music, cooking and baking, and going on hikes in the forest.

His favorite tree is a cherry blossom tree.