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Paul Haggis Pond interfaith planting - October 27, 2019

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

On Sunday October 27, we joined 50 volunteers in braving wind and weather for a special planting event: these 50 volunteers were representing 11 groups of several different faiths at our annual interfaith tree planting. We began with a reminder from the leaders of three faith communities that we are stewards who must care for the Earth, and everyone proved that point through their actions around Paul Haggis Pond. Everyone stood together, both literally and metaphorically, and accomplished the planting of 306 trees along the pond’s shore over the course of the afternoon. That shared belief and action taken together by so many demonstrated what’s most important: taking good care of our home.

A huge thank you to the Department of Canadian Heritage, the City of London, Citi, and the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for funding this unique planting, as well as to all the volunteers from our 11 participating groups who made such a difference. Your active care for this place makes a world of difference.

Two young women smile together beside a young Sycamore tree A father and daughter planting by the pond
Volunteers hold a small oak ready to be planted Three volunteers place a plant in the ground