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Pincombe Pond Stormwater Management

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

Pincombe Pond Stormwater Management – September 19th, October 4th, and October 22nd, 2020


On Saturday, September 19th, we kicked off our public community plantings on the perfect end of summer planting day at Pincombe Pond. The sun was shining and welcoming as volunteers gathered to help us plant trees. We then came back to the site twice more to get all of the trees in the ground, on October 4th and 22nd. A huge thank you goes out to our volunteers who made this happen. We had 64 individuals in total come out to help us plant, including folks from Guru Nanak Mission Society. 

in 2019, we planted over 300 trees at Pincombe Pond. This year, we beat this number, with 340 native trees and shrubs planted! All of these trees will help improve water quality and screen the pond from city views, as well as improve habitat quality to the wildlife that calls the area home. Next year, we hope to come back and add even more trees, eventually reaching all the way around the pond.

Another thank you to the event’s funder: The City of London. Their contribution will directly impact Londoner's enjoyment of Pincombe Pond, as the trees planted continue to grow and provide lasting benefits to London's environment and city health

 Volunteer planting tree    Action shot of volunteer digging hole for tree

Posing with newly planted tree   Children helping to plant tree


Thank you to our funder: 

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For any questions or more information related to our planting program please email [email protected]