Seedling Giveaways

ReForest London offers Million Tree Challenge Partners the opportunity to give seedlings away at their events. Seedlings are a great way to spread awareness about London’s Million Tree Challenge, and they are also a great gift to giveaway to participants!

Qualifying for Seedlings

In order to qualify for the seedling giveaway, the organization must be a partner in London’s Million Tree Challenge. It is easy to become a partner, and there is no cost. For more information about partnership, including the benefits and responsibilities of being a partner, please visit our Million Tree Challenge page.

What you receive

When available, Non-profit Million Tree Challenge Partners can receive up to 50 free seedlings per year. For-profit Partners pay $4 per seedling. Seedlings (all native) come in 3″ pots for you. Each comes with a tree tag that promotes London’s Million Tree Challenge and has information about the tree species.

How to get them

Seedlings are available only during the planting seasons (mid April to early June or late September to early November) and depend on our supplier for that year. Please note we do not have seedlings available for Spring 2023. We require 3 weeks notice for tree orders. Seedlings can be picked up at our office or delivered for a small fee. We would be happy to take back any leftover trees that you have from your event for use in other giveaways across London.

Recipients of seedlings should:

  • Register your planted tree on to get your tree counted toward London’s Million Tree Challenge.
  • Care for your tree by mulching it, watering it 1-2 times a week and keeping lawn equipment away from it.

Contact Information

For more information about seedling giveaways, please contact Sheila Creighton, Communications and Partnerships Manager, at [email protected] or 519-936-9548 X 228