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Renewi Loves Trees!

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Neighbourhood Re-Leaf

Trees at Renewi Tree Depot

For the second year in a row, Renewi Canada has shown their love of trees and community by hosting a Tree Depot at their head office on Dingman Drive. It was a warm Sunday afternoon in September and there was an impressive variety of beautiful native trees looking for homes.

Ann-Marie & Cheri from RenewiWhat motivates Renewi's commitment to trees and to the London community? "Protecting and preserving the environment is a responsibility we take seriously and supporting the London community to plant more trees is a no-brainer," said Ann-Marie Cooper, Human Resources and Communications Advisor at Renewi Canada.

"Planting trees is more important now, than ever," said Cooper. "Among their many benefits, trees help combat climate change by removing excess carbon dioxide from the air, a greenhouse gas that is causing global temperatures to rise. Protecting the environment is at the heart of our business." Cooper added, "Our business exists to divert organics from landfill which would otherwise decompose into methane, another greenhouse gas 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide."

The popularity of this event was nothing short of jaw-dropping; our line of participants was long, and helped us find a place of all of our 181 trees in just one hour!

It’s always good to see such a powerful interest in planting native trees. Everyone’s timing was perfect, because just as the last tree found a home, the skies opened up and delivered the rain they’d been holding over us. Thank you to everyone who came and waited patiently for a tree despite the long line and low clouds!

"This was the second year in a row we hosted a tree depot and we could not be happier with the results," said Cooper. "As a company that focuses on sustainable businesses that reduce our impact on the climate and environment, our managing partners from Convent Capital seized the opportunity to attend the tree depot. This event is just one example of the many ways we practice what we preach in protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint."

Renewi deserves a huge thank you for being involved in so many ways: as the event host, as a sponsor of the Million Tree Challenge and our Neighbourhood Tree Depots in particular, and for all their work reducing waste. We look forward to working with you for a long time to come!

Thank you also to the City of London’s Tree Me Tree Matching Fund for their support of Tree Depots, helping us provide native trees to Londoners!

Trees lined up and waiting to be brought home A biodegradable pot proclaiming Renewi's sponsorship
Depot Volunteers Looking through the leaves of a Honey Locust toward agricultural fields