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Southcrest Ravine planting - October 19, 2019

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

On Saturday October 19, we paid a visit to Southcrest Ravine to extend forest cover inside the Coves Environmentally Significant Area. An attempt was made to plant this site once before ours, but it had never taken well and gotten growing, for reasons we discovered when a deer walked right past our group of 110 volunteers. Protecting the trees against wildlife damage became a priority from then on! We love to see wildlife benefitting from our plantings as well as the human community, but too much feeding pressure being placed on very young trees can overwhelm them, so we needed to make sure they’d have the chance to grow to a size that could withstand animal browse. We left a well-planted area with high hopes by the end of the day. Shade trees were also added to the pathway by the south access for people to enjoy as they come to visit the ravine.

A huge thank you to the City of London and Enbridge for funding this planting event. We hope you have the chance to see the good your contributions did as the ecosystem of the ravine expands. One more thank you is owed to our volunteers who planted and protected the trees we added to the area. Together everyone gave those trees their best start.

A young family is ready to plant A high school robotics team in matching uniforms
A group from Enbridge providing volunteer work along with funding A family finishes planting a small tree