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Stoney Creek Baptist Church planting - October 26, 2019

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

On Saturday October 26, the planting project planned and started in the spring was completed at Stoney Creek Baptist Church. We met 25 members of the church congregation to see the project through its last phase, where 63 trees were planted. With how many icy mornings we were seeing, it was a relief to get those trees in the ground where they could take care of themselves naturally, and be better defended from hard winter freezes! The concern this group showed for stewarding their land well was amazing, as was the enthusiasm with which everyone applied their power to make a difference for the area. Over the course of this year, these volunteers put together a natural community to live alongside them, and we’re excited to find out just how well they get along!

A huge thank you to the City of London’s tree matching fund for funding this planting event, and one more thank you also goes to the volunteers from the Stoney Creek congregation for caring so well for this area. We hope both the place and the people will thrive!

A young family puts shovels to the ground A father and son haul mulch in containers weighted for their respective ages
A young woman places a tree into a fresh-dug hole A father and daughter hold seedlings to plant at home