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Talbot Wetlands planting - October 20, 2019

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

On Sunday October 20, the last of the fall heat found us at Talbot Wetlands to plant 307 trees with hundreds of volunteers to begin expanding and connecting the area’s forests. This is an ambitious goal, but it comes with a valuable payoff. Biodiversity increases as plant seeds spread between areas that used to be isolated, and animals follow the plants. Migration becomes easier as animals have the option to travel through forest and avoid urban dangers. All it takes is community effort, which was eagerly provided by our volunteers. People of all ages came out to plant and enjoy the wetlands, including seven community groups. Together all these volunteers began putting back together what had been split apart, and there were happy faces all around. We look forward to continuing the work with all of you!

A huge thank you to the City of London, the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, and KPMG for funding this planting event. We hope you can see the forests of the area coming together and reconnecting. One more thank you also goes to our volunteers, who put their hands in the earth to perform that reconnecting.

A tree is removed from its pot to be planted A growing family brings mulch to recently planted trees
Volunteers of all ages bring trees and equipment to the planting area A volunteer group from Western poses around a banner