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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight recognizes the great people who volunteer their time with us at ReForest London. Each month we will feature one of our volunteers in the spotlight to give them a chance to share with us what volunteering means to them.

We are so blessed to have a diverse, talented, and expanding group of volunteers.  Each individual brings his or her own experiences and skills to our organization, and together they form a mosaic of community support which helps us grow strong and sustainable.

As a non-profit organization, we simply could not achieve our goals without volunteers, and we appreciate each and every person who donates their time to help us keep the Forest in the "Forest City".

Katie denBok - April 2021

Volunteer since: 2013

Roles: WPC Committee Member, Former Board Director, Former Finance Committee Member

Katie denBok and daughter

Tania Clark - March 2021

Volunteer since: March 2019

Role: Office Assistant

Tania Clark and daughters

Tyler and Nick Hart - February 2021

Volunteer since: July 2020

Roles: Tree Planters and Tree Aftercare Assistants

 Nick and Tyler Hart

Carrie Freele - January 2021

Volunteer since: July 2020

Roles: Social media, Photography, Gardening 

Carrie Freele

Adele Campbell - December 2020

Volunteer since: March 2018

Roles: Community Liaison, Tree Specialist, Office Assistant

 Adele Campbell

Jenyvette Hsia - November 2020

Volunteer since: September 2020

Roles: Tree Specialist, Tree Planter and Tree Aftercare Assistant

Jenyvette Hsia

Seasonal Staff Spotlight: 

Rachel Rensby and Aliena Hoskins - October 2020

With us since: September 2020

Roles: Assist with Tree Plantings, Tree Depots, Aftercare and Hikes

Rachel and Aliena

Shaun Udovic - September 2020

Volunteer since: May 2016

Roles: Tree Specialist at Tree Plantings, Aftercare Events and Tree Depots

Shaun Udovic

Mike DeKleyn - July 2020

Volunteer since: June 2018

Roles: Community Liaison, Tree Specialist and Tree Planter

Mike DeKleyn

Jason Jordan's 10 Year Volunteer Anniversary! - June 2020

Volunteer since: April 2010

Current Roles: Community Liaison, Hike Leader, Office Assistant, Aftercare Assistant, Tree Planter, Tree Mascot and Tree Specialist 


Livia Antony - May 2020

Volunteer since: September 2019

Roles: Community Liaison & Tree Specialist

Livia Antony

Colleen Clark - April 2020

Volunteer since: July 2018

Roles: Community Liaison and Celebration Forest Committee Member

Colleen Clark

Sam Wenske - March 2020

Volunteer since: July 2016

Roles: Tree Specialist, Tree Planter, Tree Aftercare Assistant and Transportation Specialist

Sam Wenske

David Neads - February 2020

Volunteer since: February 2019

Role: Photographer

David Neads

Nada Hafez and Ely Lemon-Nurse - January 2020

Volunteers since: Fall 2019

Roles: Co-op placement students assisting with human resources and translation (Nada), the Schools program and office assistance (Ely)


Westly Pink - December 2019

Volunteers since: Fall 2016

Roles: Community Liaison and Tree Planter

Westly Mifflin

Kristen Vauthier - November 2019

Volunteer since: Fall 2016 

Roles: Marketing Committee Member and Tree Planter

Kristen Vauthier

Eiman Mohammad - October 2019

Volunteer since: October 2018

Roles: Community Liaison, Tree Planter and Tree Specialist


Mary McQuillan - September 2019

Volunteer since: September 2018

Roles: Office Assistant/Data Team, Tree Aftercare Assistant, Community Liaison and Tree Planter 

Mary McQuillan

Marvin Squire - August 2019

Volunteer since: June 2019

Roles: Volunteer at Tree Depots and Aftercare events


Marvin Squire

Marg Szabo - July 2019

Volunteer since: October 2014

Roles: Tree Specialist at Spring/Fall Tree planting events, Tree Depot Events, and Aftercare events

Marg Szabo

Jessica & AJ Van Koeverden - May 2019

Volunteers since: April 2018

Roles: Community Liaisons, Tree Planters, Special Events Committee Member & Hike Leader (Jess)


 Jess & AJ

Itza Acosta - March 2019

Volunteer since: May 2015

Roles: Marketing Committee Member, Tree Planter

 Itza Acosta

Myles Rombough - February 2019

Volunteer since: June 2018

Roles: Tree Specialist, Transportation Specialist, Tree Aftercare Assistant & Tree Planter

Myles Rombough

Jennifer Wagenman - December 2018

Volunteer since: June 2018

Roles: Tree Specialist, Community Liaison, Tree Planter


Kate Fraser - November 2018

Volunteer since: June 2016

Roles: Tree Specialist, Photographer, Tree Planter, Tree Aftercare Assistant

Aaron Johnson - October 2018

Volunteer since: September 2015

Roles: Tree Specialist, Community Liaison, Tree Aftercare Assistant and Tree Planter

Aaron Johnson

Phil Brewster, Marta Południk, Dan & Bryan Bishop - Summer 2018

Recipients of Volunteer Recognition Awards, given out at the Annual General Meeting in June 2018

Bryan and Dan Bishop, Phil Brewster

Ester Landreville - May 2018

Volunteer since: May 2017

Roles: Finance Committee, Office Assistant 



Yiqiao (Mia) Jing - April 2018

Volunteer since: May 2017

Roles: Office Assistant, Community Liaison

 Mia Jing

Sonja Teichert - March 2018

Volunteer since: June 2016

Roles: Community Liaison, Forest Festival Committee, Training Lead, Tree Blitzer, Tree Planter, Tree Specialist and Tree Teacher.


Martin Grieve - February 2018

Volunteer since: May 2017

Roles: Tree Specialist, Tree Planter and Tree Aftercare Assistant.


Phil Brewster - January 2018

Volunteer since: June 2017

Roles: Trees Committee, GIS Team, Office Assistant, Community Liaison, Tree Planter, Tree Aftercare Assistant, Data Team, Tree Specialist.



Robyn Anderson, Suze Belleville and Jake Martell - June 2017

We dedicate our June spotlight to three fantastic volunteers who were recognized at our 2017 Annual General Meeting. 


Remembering Nathan Deslippe - August 2016

Volunteer Since: 2015
Roles: Marketing Committee Member

We dedicate our August Volunteer Spotlight in memory of Nathan Deslippe, a community builder and dedicated volunteer at ReForest London. 
Everyone at ReForest London is deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Nathan Deslippe’s passing on August 28, 2016.
Read more

Nathan Deslippe


Alex Huynh Do - September 2016

Volunteer Since: 2015
Roles: Tree Blitzer, Tree Planter

Gary Brown, Jason Jordan, Tammy Legresley - June 2016

This month, we decided to highlight the work of three amazing volunteers who we recognized at our Annual General Meeting in June. 

Sommer Foster - March 2016

Volunteer Since: 2012

Roles: Tree Specialist, Tree Planter, Aftercare Attendant, Community Liaison, Tree Committee, Field Assessment & Site Plans Assistance.

Suzie Belleville - February 2016

Volunteer Since: 2015

Roles: Tree Specialist, Community Liaison, Tree cycle, Tree Planter.

Gary Brown - January 2016

Volunteer Since: 2006

Roles: Tree Planter, Tree Teacher, Community Liaison, Tree Captain

Robert T. Anderson - December 2015

Volunteer Since: 2014

Roles: Board Member & Marketing Committee 

Matthew Juszczynski - October 2015

Volunteer Since: 2012

Roles: Living Legend (and all-round cool dude)

Sara Hopkins - September 2015

Volunteer Since: October 2013

Roles: Tree Guru, Community Liaison, Aftercare Attendant, TreeCycle

Felicity Niles-Williams - August 2015

Volunteering Since: Spring 2015

Roles: Community Liaison, Tree Blitzer, Tree Planter, Aftercare Attendant


Jen McDonald - July 2015

Volunteer Since: October 2013

Roles: Tree Teacher, Community Liaison


Nathan Walker - June 2015

Volunteer Since: 2012

Roles: Million Tree Challenge Partner and Residential Action Team Member

Tingting Zhang - May 2015

Volunteer Since: August 2013

Roles: Community Liaison, Tree Guru, Tree Planter


All the ReForest London Volunteers! - April 2015

We want to thank ALL our amazing volunteers, your support is over-elming!

Jenn McPhee & Carol Dyck - March 2015

This month, we decided to highlight the work of two amazing volunteers. Normally we only highlight one at a time, but this month we are highlighting a duo who worked together on report to inform our future decisions about prep for naturalizations. 


Cynthia Zhang - February 2015

Volunteer Since: 2015

Roles: Office Assistant and Graphic Designer



Tammy Legresley - January 2015

Volunteer Since: 2012

Roles: Tree Guru, Tree Planter, Aftercare Attendant, Community Liaison


Vanessa Dolishny - December 2014 

Volunteer Since: June 2013

Roles: Board Member & Chair of the Marketing Committee

Elise Budden - November 2014

Volunteer Since: October 2014

Roles: Web Reporter, Planter, Surveyor & Mapper, Tree Sales, Office Support

Wilda Mardlin - September 2014

Volunteer Since: Spring 2012

Roles: Community Liaison, Neighbourhood Tree Captain, Tree Planter, Treecycle Donor,  Tree Sale Organizer, Buckthorn Buster.

Rene Vandenbrink - August 2014

Volunteer Since: Spring 2013

Roles: Neighbourhood Tree Captain, Aftercare attendant

Sue Elliott - July 2014

Volunteer since: 2012

Roles: Tree Planter, Aftercare attendant, Community Liaison, Tree Guru

Geoff Faul - May 2014

Volunteer Since: 2011

Roles: Tree Sale Organizer, Action Team Member, Steering Committee Member, Community Liaison, Tree Planter

Geoff sent us the picture of tree-helpers instead of one of himself!

Jason Jordan - April 2014

Volunteer Since: April 2010

Roles: Tree Guru, Community Liaison, Parks Action Team member, Tree Planter and Buckthorn Buster.

Matthew Robertson - March 2014

Volunteer Since:  Summer 2012

Volunteered As:  Million Tree Challenge Action Team – Residential, National Tree Day – Tree Giveaway, Tree Planter

Christine Strupat - February 2014

Volunteer Since:  Spring 2013

Volunteered As: GIS Assistant, Neighbourhood Tree Captain, Community Liaison, Tree Planter

Gail Dimson - January 2014

Volunteer Since: 2012

Roles: Tree Guru, Connecting link between ReForest London and the Friends of the London Civic Garden Complex

Mary Ann Hodge - December 2013

Volunteer Since:  Spring 2006
Roles:  Tree planter, Residential Action Team Advisory Committee, Community Liaison, Tree-cycler

Julie Kiser - November 2013

Volunteer Since: September 2013

Roles: Event Reporter/Photographer 

Michele Anderson - July 2013

Volunteer Since: February 2013 

Roles: Office Assistant, Transportation Specialist, Tree Sale Attendant

Craig Ingram - June 2013 

Volunteer Since:  May 2013

Roles:  Tree Planter, Aftercare Specialist, Transportation Specialist

Jessica Lompart - May 2013

Volunteer Since:  2008

Roles: Tree Planter, Aftercare Specialist and Tree Guru 

Dan Bishop - April 2013

Volunteer Since: July, 2012

Roles:  Tree planter, Logistical Support (transportation of equipment and trees)

Angela Romanoff - March 2013

Volunteer Since: November 2012
Roles: Graphic Designer (web banners, posters, graphics)

Skylar Franke - February 2013

Volunteer Since:  Spring 2012

Roles:  Million Tree Challenge Action Team – Residential, Tree Planter, Aftercare Specialist, Tree Guru, Community Liaison, Office Assistant (including translation work), Tree Mascot