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Volunteer Spotlight - November 2019

Kristen Vauthier

Name: Kristen Vauthier

Volunteer since: Fall 2016 

Role: Marketing Committee Member and Tree Planter


Kristen joined the ReForest London marketing committee in 2016 and time has truly flown by. What started as an opportunity to volunteer as a hobby and spend time with friends quickly became a meaningful opportunity to learn and grow, and to support the admirable initiatives of ReForest London in an important way.

About Kristen: As someone with a lot of varying interests, it wasn't until the postgraduate Marketing Management program at Fanshawe College that my eyes were opened to the magic of (digital) marketing - a field that exists at the intersection of people and technology. 

Upon graduation, I quickly wanted to put my newfound knowledge and skills to work as if by fate I was invited to become a member of the ReForest London marketing committee. As someone with a profound appreciation for nature and the immense impact of trees, the acceptance to join in was a no-brainer.

I am proud to be a ReForest London volunteer, to convene and share ideas with others who share my passion for things like website design, advertising and social media, and to regularly contribute ot a wonderful not-for-profit.


Thank you Kristen! Want to find out how to get involved with ReForest London? Passionate about trees in your neighbourhood? Visit the Volunteer section of our website to learn more about our opportunities and to fill out a volunteer application form.