Billie Moritz

Billie, an enthusiastic advocate for the natural world, has recently joined the ReForest team as one of the seasonal Crew Leads for the summer. In her role, she is dedicated to organizing community events, overseeing tree planting initiatives, and ensuring the proper care of trees after planting.

Recognizing the significance of community engagement in preserving our local urban forests in the face of climate change, Billie is deeply committed to fostering positive interactions with the community. She strongly believes that empowering individuals and providing them with the necessary tools for action are crucial steps toward creating a thriving urban forest in London. Joining the ReForest team has brought immense joy to Billie, as she looks forward to making a lasting impact.

Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science with a focus on Wildlife Biology and Conservation at the University of Guelph, Billie combines her academic knowledge with her passion for the environment. During her leisure time, she loves immersing herself in nature alongside friends and family, indulging in the identification of local fauna (especially butterflies!), and admiring the beauty of sunsets.

Billie’s favourite tree is the Japanese Weeping Cherry Blossom