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Benefits of Trees

There are many benefits that trees provide to your home, neighbourhood and community. Planting trees can impact the value, the costs and the safety of where you live. Trees are…


About ReForest London

We are a nonprofit organization with the mission to plant and protect trees through community partnerships and education in London, Ontario. We seek to enhance environmental and human health in…


The Great Christmas Tree Debate

Debate: is a real Christmas tree more environmentally friendly than a fake one? Experts agree that the benefits of real trees make them a better choice. Facts on Fake Trees…


The Perfect Business Gift – A Tree!

Project type: Million Tree Challenge Year: 2013 Season: Spring In business, there are many times when a gift is required to honour or show appreciation for a client, an employee,…


Trees for Businesses

Trees are great for businesses, and businesses are great for trees! ReForest London offers many ways for businesses and organizations to help green up the Forest City. Many ReForest London…


Million Tree Challenge

The Million Tree Challenge is a community-wide initiative to inspire Londoners to plant one million new trees across the city – in every corner and neighbourhood. ReForest London is proud…


Neighbourhood Tree Giveaways

Tree Giveaways are back! We are back this spring with more tree giveaways where you will be able to select trees to plant on your London property. Each household will…



Building London’s canopy cover takes more than just planting trees. It takes care, commitment and nurturing. The aftercare of trees is essential to the success of a naturalization project, as…


More Trees for Residential and Industrial Areas

Tree planting in the Forest City will increase in coming years thanks to a significant grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Dr. Ted Lo, a volunteer with the Ontario Trillium…

1-12 of 459 search results for ""