Greenspace Transformation: Argyle’s Mary Immaculate Parish & St. Robert Catholic School Collaboration

Project type: Neighbourhood ReLeaf
Year: 2013
Season: Fall

Thanks to the hard work of one of our Neighbourhood Tree Captains, Matthew Juszczynski, this year we were able to do three projects in Argyle neighbourhood, which completely transformed the area’s green space.

Our neighbourhood greening efforts kicked off with the installation of St. Robert Catholic School’s new reading circle in spring 2013, which included 5 large calliper trees and 15 native shrubs. It made such a difference to the school ground!

In the fall of 2013, we worked again with the students to do a couple of naturalization projects along the back of the schoolyard. This provided separation between the playground and the Mary Immaculate Parish parking lot. We also planted over 30 whips and large calliper “shade” trees along the two trails that run along the edge of the property.

The weather was looking awfully threatening on planting day, but we were lucky to have a team of volunteers from Deloitte who generously agreed to drive all the way to the east end from Byron to be our calvary on their annual Community Impact Day. Thank you again to all the participants!

With the help of parishioners, the first 75 of 111 trees and shrubs were planted this past September in Mary Immaculate, creating the start of a new woodland patch on the east side of the property as well as planting some larger whips to help border the parking lot. A second planting for the larger stock took place in October.

These plantings were made possible thanks to the support of TD Friends of the Environment, Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds, Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) and contributors to our TreeCycle program. Thank you all for your support!