Neighbourhood Tree Giveaways

Tree Giveaways are back!

We are back this spring with more tree giveaways where you will be able to select trees to plant on your London property. Each household will be able to select up to two trees. Tree giveaways will happen both in the community and online. More detailed information is coming soon!

About Neighbourhood Tree Giveaways

ReForest London (RFL) hosts a number of Neighbourhood Tree Giveaways each spring and fall through our Neighbourhood ReLeaf program. ReForest London launched the Neighbourhood ReLeaf program with the goal of getting trees into residential spaces in our community. By giving away trees to residents, RFL hopes that these trees will create a healthier and more expansive tree canopy in London!

This program offers free trees to Londoners to incentivize them to plant trees on their private property. During our Neighbourhood Tree Giveaways, Londoners pick up their newly ordered free trees at various locations throughout the city.

About Neighbourhood ReLeaf

Our Neighbourhood ReLeaf program focuses on empowering Londoners in our Forest City. Currently, 40% of land in London is controlled by individual residential land owners. There is a huge opportunity to empower individuals to plant trees in their yards and contribute to the growth of London. With Londoners from all of our communities coming together to take action, we can create a more sustainable city through the planting of trees, both in public and in private spaces!

All trees planted as part of the Neighbourhood ReLeaf Program will count towards London’s Million Tree Challenge and will be registered by ReForest London. If you have planted any other trees on your property since 2011, please take the time to register them at

Neighbourhood Tree Giveaways

Neighbourhood Tree Giveaways are pop-up stations that offer free trees to anyone who is a resident of London. ReForest London strives to do a series of Neighbourhood Tree Giveaways each spring and fall.

At these events, we offer a variety of native tree species, and we have staff and volunteers on hand to assist you with your selection. Trees are between 3-7 feet tall. A variety of native tree species are available and may include maple, oak, tulip tree, hackberry, and various edible species including apples and hazelnuts. The availability is different at each depot, but we try to make sure we have something for every type of yard!

Not sure what tree to choose for your yard? Take a look at our Resource page so you can get a better understanding of what your yard’s conditions are and what trees are best suited for those conditions.

Residents may take 1-2 trees per household and must provide their address and email. Trees are free but donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Picking Up Your Free Tree

We will be returning in the spring for more Tree Giveaways! Keep up-to-date by joining our RFL mailing list (below), or check back here for more details come April.

Planting Services

Are you looking for more than just two trees or have a specific tree size that you are looking for? Contact us to discuss what your options may be. We offer native tree purchases at a reduced cost to help reforest London.

Contact Information

Have questions about our Tree Depots? Contact Maddy Sansom at [email protected] or 519-936-9548 X 229.