Trees for Teachers

Trees for Teachers is ReForest London’s new school program aimed at supporting teachers in London and the surrounding area in delivering their own hands-on urban forestry activities within their classrooms and schoolyards over the 2022-2023 school year!

These hands-on, interconnected activities teach students about the role of trees in our urban forest, and they provide the physical experience of planting. All of the trees planted in schoolyards contribute to London’s Million Tree Challenge!


Professional Development Workshops

Teachers and educators can participate in any number of four (4) hands-on workshops where they will receive all the resources and requisite skill-development to confidently and fully participate in the Trees for Teachers program. In addition, every participant in professional development will be given a unique toolkit that arms teachers with an arsenal of additional lesson plans, activities, and community connections to better engage and foster the learning spirit in their students.

Workshops Include:

The Nature ClassroomCreating an Outdoor Classroom & Urban Forestry Hikes
From Nurture to NatureSite Planning Workshops & Schoolyard Tree Planting Events
The Environmental Educator’s PlaybookTeaching Sustainability in the Classroom
Grow with Me: Seed to SeedlingSeedling Growing Activities for the Classroom

Time requirements: Workshops vary from 3 hours to a half day.

When: Starting August 3rd until August 24th 2022

Schoolyard Tree Planting

Students will plant up to five (5) large native shade trees in their schoolyard through this self-led activity. ReForest London will provide all the supplies, and equipment needed for a successful planting.

Students get real, hands-on experience with planting trees – and some exercise too! This experience helps to build a sense of ownership over their project.

Time requirement: One planting session lasts 1 to 2 hours depending on number of trees.

When: Starting September to November 2022.

Seedlings Growing Kits

Students get to plant seeds of native tree species and raise their seedlings – in their classroom – throughout the winter and spring before taking their seedlings home in May or June. Students learn about the life cycle of trees and the requirements of plants. Many math and science connections are available for this activity such as measuring seedlings, calculating growth rates, learning about photosynthesis and much more. Plus kids love watching their baby trees grow!

Time requirement: One 40 minute session for the initial planting + daily watering for the remainder of the season.

When: Starting December 2022 or January 2023 until June 2023.


Registration is open!

The last day to register for the program is September 21st, 2022.

Please note: Teachers must have the support of their principals to register for a schoolyard planting. Principals will be required to approve site plans and to assist with board approvals for planting.

To register, Please click the name of your corresponding schoolboard and complete the form. 

After registering, one of our staff will contact you to discuss your school’s involvement. If you are approved, we can begin planning your tree projects!


Questions? Please contact Sara Patterson at [email protected] or at 519-936-9548, ext. 232.