Trees for Businesses

Trees are great for businesses, and businesses are great for trees! ReForest London offers many ways for businesses and organizations to help green up the Forest City.

Many ReForest London planting initiatives succeed with the help of businesses who not only support events financially but also through volunteering. ReForest London’s super power has always been collaboration, and we continue to work with hundreds of different businesses and community groups every year.


Bringing value to our community and improving its health can be done in a variety of ways. Our vision to see our community thriving in a healthy urban forest is possible with everyone’s support and participation.

There are many ways a business can get involved with tree planting. You can sponsor a park naturalization planting, or you can plant on your own property. Tree Depot sponsorship is another great way to help get trees into the community and into the yards of homeowners. You can even host a private tree depot for your own staff to plant in their yards and show your community support internally.

We welcome business group volunteers for our public planting and aftercare events where team building can take centre stage for your company, or if you choose to fully sponsor an event, it can be a private one just for your employees and their families.

Planting on Your Own Property

London has a lot of industrial and commercial properties that could sure use some trees, and we are happy to help! Many businesses have areas on their property that are unused with no plans for future development. This unused space is perfect for tree and shrub planting, which will help enrich the business and the surrounding community.

ReForest London has access to an excellent grant program through the City of London called the Neighbourhood Tree Matching Fund (treeME) where planting on private property is the focus. This program helps to build and strengthen London neighbourhoods and areas and improve the quality of life for everyone. If you are interested in planting on your own land, we can help make that happen by developing a project for you and securing funding through treeME to cover up to 75% of the costs. If this sounds like a great option for your business property, get in touch to discuss!

Benefits of Planting on Your Own Property

Community-Minded and Environmentally Friendly

Incorporating green space onto your property will be a clear and direct message to individuals and organizations that you are environmentally conscientious. It demonstrates a willingness to contribute to the environment and to improve the community.

This messaging will improve your company image and brand. In this ever-changing world, we need to adapt to and advocate for positive change. This is a great and simple opportunity to positively impact your business, your employees and the environment.


Planting trees in certain areas on your property can help reduce cooling, heating and landscaping costs. Trees break up wind in winter, shade buildings in the summer and increase property value overall.

By working with ReForest London, your company will be recognized in our Million Tree Challenge, and you will have the opportunity to participate with us on all media and marketing associated with this event. Sharing the planting event on your own platform will also be a great way to increase business exposure to various groups and communities within and outside of London.

Team Building

Hosting a tree planting event for your business will encourage employee engagement and team building. It is a great place to exercise teamwork skills and socialize with coworkers. Planting trees can also be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, especially if it is your first time planting!

Once the event is complete and your trees are planted, you will have a beautiful green space to host outdoor activities, lunches and office breaks.

Bring a shovel and sturdy shoes and let’s make your business and our community greener!


If you are interested in discussing the benefits of this program, please contact Sheila Creighton, Communications and Partnerships Manager at [email protected] or 519-936-9548 X 228.