Million Tree Challenge

The Million Tree Challenge is a community-wide initiative to inspire Londoners to plant one million new trees across the city – in every corner and neighbourhood. ReForest London is proud to be a founding partner with the City of London of the Million Tree Challenge. As a community and a city, we need to work together to improve environmental and human health. Londoners, please register all the trees that you have planted on your property since January 2011.

Register a Tree

Be One in a Million! Join the challenge by registering your trees or sponsoring a tree to plant a leafy legacy. Each tree counts, and every tree matters!

Become a Sponsor

Ongoing sponsorship to the Million Tree Challenge provides the best way to ensure trees are continually planted in our community, but one-time donations are also pivotal to our success and the advancement of tree planting and green initiatives in London.

Sponsor A Tree

Sponsoring a tree is a great way to be part of the Million Tree Challenge and it does make a difference. Sponsoring a tree to be planted in a park is perfect for people who do not have land to plant trees on but still wish to help make London a greener, leafier place to call home. This is also a great option for small businesses who wish to sponsor trees on a smaller scale such as one for each service or product sold.

Every tree sponsored and planted has local impact and makes a difference to the quality of life in London. You can even see your donation come full circle and come out to a planting event to plant your sponsored trees. One tree at a time, your support is important to us and our environment. Please consider sponsoring a tree to be planted in one of our park naturalization projects in 2022. Individual donors receive a charitable tax receipt.

Business Sponsorship

From small community events to large tree depots, businesses that sponsor anywhere from $1000-$50,000 will receive recognition on social media, the company name on the MTC website and much more depending on the level of your donation.

Please view our MTC Sponsorship Booklet for more information on how to become a sponsor and what you will receive as a sponsor.

Thank you Sponsors!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our vision and mission during this challenging time! We appreciate your support both financially and through volunteering. We’re so lucky to have such a passionate community that understands the value of a greener, leafier city for all! See a complete list of our MTC Partners and Sponsors.

Become a Partner

There is no cost to become a partner, just a commitment to the Million Tree Challenge.

Million Tree Challenge Partners pledge to plant trees and to promote tree planting and care within their organizations. Each partner can develop programs that fit their own organization’s culture and interests.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Million Tree Challenge Partner. Please visit to register your trees or to join the challenge today!

Partnership Benefits

There are a number of benefits you receive as an MTC partner. Among them include the following:

  • Recognition of Partner activities in articles and media releases.
  • Opportunity to be highlighted online, in social media, and in MTC Partner Newsletters for your tree planting activities.
  • Your tree planting pledges and accomplishments will be listed on our Million Tree Challenge website.
  • You will be listed in our annual Partner Thank you ad.
  • Additional recognition if you are a Top Planter within your sector.

Partnership Responsibilities

As the MTC is a city-wide initiative, we need ongoing conversation and action surrounding it in order to achieve London’s goal of one million trees planted. Part of your responsibilities as a partner include the following:

  • Publicly support the Million Tree Challenge and the ‘One Tree for Every Londoner’ call to action.
  • Promise to plant trees and track your planting accomplishments on the Million Tree Challenge website.
  • Promote London’s Million Tree Challenge within your organization.
  • Develop a project to promote tree planting or tree care within your organization.

Current Partners

ReForest London and the City of London currently have over 200 different Million Tree Challenge Partners! To see which organizations have partnered with us, please view our complete list of current Partners.

Partnership in Action

There are so many ways MTC Partners can contribute to London’s Million Tree Challenge. Take a look at our list of partnership actions that you can take to help get more trees planted and registered in 2022. See what you can do/afford this year to activate your Partnership!


For information on the Million Tree Challenge, partner activities or how to become an MTC partner, please contact Sheila Creighton, Communications and Partnerships Manager, at [email protected] or 519-936-9548 X 228.

Sponsor a Tree!

Do you want to be part of the Million Tree Challenge but have no land to plant on?

Sponsor a Tree to be planted in a park for only $25!

Sponsor a Tree