Our Team

Amber Cantell

As Director of Development, Amber leads ReForest London’s fundraising efforts. She supervises development as well as the marketing & outreach team. Additionally, she helps to develop strategic direction and initiatives for the organization.

Zoë Courtis

Zoë is joining the Reforest London team as an Environmental Programs Administrator. With a background in Fine Art and Recreation, Zoë curates and creates content for social media and e-newsletters in addition to supporting communications for planting programs.

Sheila Creighton

In her current role since 2012, Sheila has brought 20+ years’ of experience in marketing, communications and partnership development to ReForest London.

Brianne Curry

As the Director of Programs, Brianne leads ReForest London’s tree-planting programs and will oversee coordination of the new Westminster Ponds Centre.

Shannon Dobbs

Shannon is the Seed Collection Workshop Leader at ReForest London. She works with our amazing volunteers, gathering local seed and supporting Londoners as they enhance their connection to the species of our region.

Eleni McGowans

Eleni works as an Environmental Programs Assistant for ReForest London.

Carly Mitchell

As an environmental programs assistant at ReForest London, Carly (she/her) is responsible for assisting with outdoor events, tree giveaways, and park naturalizations.

Rose Pfeifer

As ReForest London’s Volunteer and Tree Gift Coordinator, Rose works directly with volunteers to coordinate signups, training and more.

Walker Pityn

As the Web Content Developer, he coordinates social media posting, develops content for both the ReForest London and Million Tree Challenge websites, and edits RFL’s monthly newsletter.

Rachel Rensby

Rachel (she/her) is the Neighbourhood ReLeaf Coordinator at ReForest London. The Neighbourhood ReLeaf program helps to get trees planted on private property across London through biannual Tree Depots.

Erica Rzepecki

As the Stewardship and Digital Engagement Coordinator, Erica (she/her) stewards and engages with our fantastic volunteers, donors, sponsors, and other supporters.

Shaquille Sealy

As the Signal Boost Coordinator, Shaquille works with London’s environmental organizations to provide environmental learning and skill development opportunities for Londoners.

Dean Sheppard

Dean Sheppard is an environmental consultant owning and operating his own consulting firm since 1996. He has been the Executive Director of ReForest London since 2012.

Erik Vasseur

As Aftercare Coordinator, Erik looks at areas previously planted by ReForest London and sees to their wellbeing, mostly through coordinating volunteer events.

Ka Ki Yan

Kaki supports the effective delivery of a number of ReForest London programs and events.
She works with community volunteers to plant and care for trees, and ensures that they have a
positive and fun experience at our events.