Our Team

Amber Cantell

As Special Projects Advisor, Amber works to help advance systems and programs to deliver on our mission. As a long-time member of our team, she also helps to develop strategic direction & initiatives for the organization.

Rodger Moran

As a member of the senior leadership team, Rodger directs ReForest London’s fundraising and public engagement strategies.

Sara Patterson smiling, with snow-covered trees behind her.

Sara Patterson

Sara (she/her) is the Environmental Programs Coordinator at ReForest London. She works under the Signal Boost Initiative and with the new Seed Collection Program: a volunteer-based effort to enhance restoration projects undertaken by ReForest London.

Rose Pfeifer

With a passion for community engagement, volunteer management, and grassroots fundraising, Rose’s work as ReForest London’s Engagement Coordinator plays an integral part in bettering the environment in the community.

Maddy Sansom

Maddy joins ReForest London as the Community Projects Manager. She is responsible for both the residential tree giveaway program and community planting projects.

Shaquille Sealy

As a member of the senior leadership team, Shaquille leads ReForest London’s programs team and advances the strategic development and improvement of ReForest London Programs and the Westminster Ponds Centre through partnership development.

Dean Sheppard

Dean Sheppard is an environmental consultant owning and operating his own consulting firm since 1996. He has been the Executive Director of ReForest London since 2012.

Lily Vuong

As Project Manager, Lily works to develop and implement park naturalization projects across the London area by managing the tree planting programs, community greening projects, and the aftercare program.