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We’re ReForest London and our vision is to see our community thriving in a healthy urban forest.

ReForest London is a small but mighty non-profit organization on a mission to enhance environmental and human health in the Forest City by inspiring, educating and empowering Londoners to plant and care for trees and to be part of a sustainability-focused future for our community.

Like a forest that flourishes when comprised of many kinds of trees, we value and gain strength from diversity. We live our core values as we green up the Forest City: values of collaboration, optimism, respect and empowerment. We work with supportive community members and dedicated volunteers who share our vision.

ReForest London has programs to help get trees planted on all types of land in every corner of the city. We invite you to join us in making our city more livable, leafy and green. Everyone can play a part and make a difference for the future. Get in touch!

Our Goals


Empower community groups, businesses, and individuals to plant and care for trees.

Ecosystem Health

Improve London’s environmental health through planting trees and shrubs in natural areas, parks, yards and along streets.


Educate Londoners about the importance of trees and how to plant and care for them.


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Do you want to be part of the Million Tree Challenge but have no land to plant on?

Sponsor a Tree to be planted in a park for only $25!

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